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Beware of These 3 Dangers of Credit Card Rewards!

Credit card companies know exactly what you truly love and that is the reward. You will do everything to increase your points just to get an ample amount of rewards. No matter how much effort you exert and how long it takes. Usually, the more money you spend using the credit card, the higher points you will get. Therefore, if you are not thoroughly aware, here are the top three dangers of credit card rewards.

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Credit Card Terms For Beginners

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has stated that almost 7 million Filipinos use a credit card as emergency funds or rather for groceries. To first-time credit card holders, you must know important terminologies before you use it for traveling, online purchasing, dining out, and shopping. We understand that some of credit card terms can be so intimidating that you’d rather not to sign up to get one than to understand and get worried about your

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